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Support and Strengthen Local Peacebuilders

#3 Support and strengthen local peacebuilders.

Build the capacity and resilience of local peacebuilders so they can participate in sustainable peacebuilding and build trust with policymakers, funders and donors. 

  • Jamila, Local Peacebuilder & Co-Creator

    I resonate deeply with Manifesto Ask number 3 - "Support and Strengthen Local Peacebuilders," aligning seamlessly with my background, experience, and advocacy on mental health and resilience among peacebuilders, that started in 2016, a pivotal moment in my life led me to explore the depths of mental health. Since the inception of the Women Empowered Act for Dialogue and Peace in 2018, I've been at the forefront, leading listening and dialogue sessions among internally displaced persons (IDPs) and fellow peacebuilders in Mindanao, Philippines.

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