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the global movement for local peacebuilders

Let's tell the real stories of peace.

Building peace is not an easy task. This ground-breaking and lifesaving mission is carried out daily by thousands of local peacebuilders.
Someone facing the camera with their hand up and a sticker that says 'Peace Starts Here'

Local peacebuilders are rarely seen, scarcely reported, and almost always under-supported. Yet we’re everywhere. We transcend differences and help build bridges to lasting peace. 

We’re fighting for a world where peacebuilding is locally led and globally supported. Peace Starts Here is a celebration of local peacebuilders and our lifesaving work. Will you stand with us? 


Peace starts with you

Local peacebuilders pave the way for lasting peace in our communities. Yet we’re not always heard or even seen. When local peacebuilders are recognised, our efforts are better supported, and the peace we build can last. Join us now.

Nish wearing sunglasses and holding a placard above his head looking into the camera


Five simple asks from us peacebuilders to the world.

#2 Campaign with us

All the tools you need to amplify the message.

#3 Where does peace start for you?

Let us know where peace starts for you.

Join the movement

Join us as we raise our voices. Join us in telling the real stories of peace. Join us in moving our communities and the wider world to act.