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our manifesto

Join our movement for change. Add your name to call for local peacebuilders to be seen, heard and better supported locally and globally.


Hundreds of thousands of us are paving the way for lasting peace among our people. Yet as local peacebuilders we’re still overlooked and excluded from the peacebuilding process. When we’re seen, heard and recognised by our own communities and the wider world, our peacebuilding efforts will be better supported.

Peace starts with these five changes...

  • #1 Make Space for Local Peacebuilders to Lead

    Create more inclusive ways for local peacebuilders to lead, shape and influence the peace process in their regions.
  • #2 Fund More Local Peacebuilding Efforts

    Remove the barriers to funding for all genuine grassroots peacebuilding initiatives making a difference for local people, and proactively channel resources to local peacebuilders in communities closest to conflict.
  • #3 Support and Strengthen Local Peacebuilders

    Build the capacity and resilience of local peacebuilders so they can participate in sustainable peacebuilding and build trust with policymakers, funders and donors.
  • #4 Centre Peacebuilding around Local People

    Invest in more human-centred, collaborative and community-led approaches to global peacebuilding efforts, encouraging local peacebuilders to play an active role in decolonising the role of global actors.
  • #5 Learn from Local Peacebuilders

    Promote successful local peacebuilding initiatives to aid learning, insight sharing and collaboration in the wider peacebuilding sector.

Peacebuilders are better placed to identify and prevent conflict at its root causes when they’re an active part of the community and included in decisions about that community.

Let’s all show the world where peace starts.

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